Sneaking Brockhampton Into Jaden Smith’s Show And Drinking $50 Water


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photos taken by myself

Third eye: Opened. Chakras: Aligned. Just: Water. After waiting for this day to happen since Never Say Never, I finally got to see Jaden Smith perform live.

I took a lyft to Lincoln Hall around 11 a.m. , made small talk with the driver:

Who are you seeing tonight?”

“Jaden Smith.”

“The karate kid??”




“So .. uhhh what are you going to watch him do exactly????”

“… um .. perform his music, he raps…lol.”

“The karate kid raps??….I don’t like it.”

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Review: The Surround Me Tour

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Sweden has produced an abundance of talented individuals ranging from Tove Lo to Lykke Li to Avicii, and so on.

Considering my family originates from Sweden, I always take great pride in artists who share the same origins. The sense of connectedness makes me root for them that much more.

On October 21, I had the pleasure to see the indie-pop artist from Sweden, Léon, perform live at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

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I asked them to “Wait For Me”– Kings of Leon Chicago 2014

KingsOfLeon_2014MechanicalBullTourLeg1If you’re one of the many fans that missed out on the October 2 show that the Kings of Leon gave after a long three year dry spell in Chicago you, my friend, may now be in luck. The Kings of Leon will continue their “Mechanical Bull” tour, stopping again in Chicago Saturday March 8, 2014.

Of course, that seems like a long way away but I’ve learned my lesson since the last show that sold out within minutes. It literally took minutes for the October 2 show to be fully booked. Although it may have been in the House of Blues, a small venue compared to that of the United Center, I don’t want to miss my chance of swaying and singing my lungs out to some of my favorite songs.

The tour is definitely somewhat of a comeback for the Kings of Leon who cancelled tour dates in 2011. Rumors surrounding the concert cancellations blame the lead singer, Caleb Followill’s, supposed alcohol abuse and tensions between band members as the cause of the band’s temporary unravelment. Caleb has, however, refuted claims about alcohol abuse as the reason for the tour cancellations.

Whatever your situation, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to see the band live and better than ever. Tickets have been on sale since December 14, 2013 for the tour starting at roughly $61 on Ticket Master.

Here are two of my favorite songs from the “Mechanical Bull” album: