Trash Talk: A Rose Without A Thorn


Golden Girls is a timeless classic. Period. There will be no debates. This show is just a good time for two friends, who may or may not host a radio show together, to have with each other on a chill day.  This is the start of a new blog series reviewing random Golden Girls episodes and relating them to the present day.

The most endearing main character amongst the ladies is hands down Rose Nylund, played by Betty White. Rose is often seen as very innocent and naive, which Betty White plays perfectly as she exudes this warmness. This is likely why everyone loves Betty White. When Rose has a struggle or is clearly in the wrong about something it makes the lesson she learns hit home a bit more because it is this well meaning person trying her best. This was apparent in episode 8 of season 1, “Break In”.

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Trash Talk: Stay Golden, Girl(s)

Thank you for being a friend

Throughout the month of February Trash Talk has been dedicating episodes to different kinds of love and relationships. And last week’s episode highlighted one of the most important types of relationships people can have, friendship. It sounds super cheesy, and that’s because it is. But friends are very important people in your life and they should get the same recognition as a partner does on Valentine’s Day.  Give a shout to the pals and the confidants in your life.

Miki and I had a hard timing finding the perfect song about friendship, considering most of the songs about friendship that we heard dealt with some sort of underlying romantic desire. But then it hit me! The greatest theme song ever written and best 40 second song about friendship was right under our noses the entire time. The Golden Girls theme song!

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Trash Talk: New Year, Same-ish Trash

tt blog 2

2018 marks the beginning of a slightly more polished version of Trash Talk. Consider this semester the start of Trash Talk season 2. We had an awkward and rough go of things in the first season, but now we’ve sorted out most of the kinks.

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Trash Talk: Bring In The Trash

Feeling Trashy? 

Welcome to Trash Talk with Miki and Mikey! Trash Talk is your weekly venting session. Miki, Mikey and some occasional guests will let out their thoughts and frustrations on that week’s topic. We like to explore different interesting topics that anyone can relate to. Our teaser episode was an introduction for listeners to get a glimpse of who we are. Mikey brings all the bad puns and dad jokes and Miki is here to call out the bullsh*t.

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