The Daily Blend’s February Top Ten 2018

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Hey guys! So, uh, sorry in advance for the lack of variety in this month’s edition of good music. It’s been kind of a pain to put this together because I’ve been REALLY into like three bands all month, so I was definitely scrambling to get all of my eggs together for the month (did you see what I did there??). Regardless, I would never leave you guys hanging; I promise, I’ll always have some good music on here, and I won’t just put stuff on here to fill the blank spots. BUT ANYWAY, let’s get into the prerecorded message for every single one of my blogs!

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Troye Sivan Releases An Apologetic Lullaby – The Good Side


A week ago I posted an article on Troye Sivan’s first single, My My My! from his upcoming Sophomore album.  Today, Troye released another new song  (co-written by Leland, Bram Inscore, Allie X, and Ariel Rechtshaid   ) and this time, it hurts in the most bittersweet way.

The new single, The Good Side, shows the most tender side of Troye that we have been able to see throughout his music career so far. The acoustic song plays out the apologetic side of growing out of a relationship, and falling in love with someone new. Serving us a much more organic production and honest intimacy within the lyrics, it’s almost impossible to not fall into your feelings while listening to this one. 

Troye offers up a lullaby of an apology to his ex-boyfriend with lines such as, Found arms to fall right into, I know how it looked, it wasn’t the plan, and some day I hope that you’ll understand that I sympathize, and I recognize, and baby, I apologize that I got the good side, the good side of things,” and the most heart-wrenching part, “I’m sure we’ll meet in the spring and catch up on everything, I’ll say I’m proud of all that you’ve done ,you taught me the ropes, and you taught me to love.

This gentle syrupy song was a side of Troye that I was not expecting to hear, but I am so here for it. With the whimsical acoustic guitar chords and the soft vocals, The Good Side, is reinvigorating to breakup anthems everywhere. While most breakup songs stand bitter and angsty, this one reaches for closure, growth, and healing.   

Again I say, I will always be inspired and awed by Troye’s talent. I can’t wait to sob all night with The Good Side on repeat. 

You can watch Troye perform his new singles live this Saturday on SNL.


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How Troye Sivan Saved 2018


Troye Sivan brought the music scene off to an iconic start this year with the release of his first single, My My My!, from his highly anticipated sophomore album, due for a spring release.

My My My! is a romantic banger  with dreamy vibes and iridescent synths, full of love, liberation, and confidence. Produced by Oscar Görres, and written by Troye Sivan, Brett ‘leland’ Mclaughlin, and James Alan Ghaleb, this first single has all of the makings of a major hit. My My My! Is an anthem for love that is unapologetically honest. The 22-year-old delivered us the sultry track I was hoping for with lines such as, I got my tongue between your teeth; Go slow, no, no, go fast, you like it just as much as me.” Wig…incinerated.

It’s clear how much Sivan has matured since the release of his 2015 debut album, Blue Neighbourhood. With more defined vocals, amped up production levels, and pure confidence, this is going to be a game-changing era for Troye.

It’s been a sentimental journey for me watching Troye go from posting quirky videos on Youtube, to the release of his first EP, TRXYE, to him dropping his freshman album, Blue Neighbourhood, and to now hearing his first single from the upcoming second album.  

I’m always amazed by Troye’s raw talent and by all of the energy he puts out into the world. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the new album and see all of what Troye has to offer in 2018.

You can watch Sivan perform My My My! Live on SNL on January 20th.

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My name is Tara and I put out articles for UIC Radio every Thursday. I’m a communication and professional writing major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. If you want to keep up with my saucy life you can follow me here:

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Note To Self

“this is an open diary. this gives my insides a voice through visuals and poetry; this is me spilled out on paper.”

Typically on this blog you’ll find album reviews and updates on everything new in the music scene, but for right now I would like to do something different and talk about a book.

Books and albums are pretty similar. They’re both a form of art, they both tell stories, and they both can be used as a mental crutch.

I’ve recently finished reading the new book, Note To Self, written by Connor Franta. Connor Franta is a YouTuber, New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and a LGBTQ+ philanthropist. This is Connor’s sophomore book following his memoir, A Work In Progress.

Note To Self is a collections of poems, memories, thoughts, and essays that come from a deep and vulnerable place. Connor Franta allows readers to see the world from his perceptive as he opens up about love, heartbreak, and dealing with mental illness. Note To Self gives us an interior look into Connor’s life that cannot be seen online.


This book is real. A lot of these pages I read with a heavy heart and truly could empathize with Connor. I found myself reading a line and thinking, ouch, that really hits close to home.”

But then there were the pages that left me feeling hopeful and inspired. They were reminders that I’m not alone with my feelings, and to always keep an open heart and an open mind.

Connor Franta wrote this book for himself (hence the title) as a way to reflect on his past few years. Through this self-reflection, Connor has opened a gateway for readers to come in and find their own meanings and to find comfort. Through the highs and the lows, this book made me feel something; it was something I could relate to and something I could find a sense of ease in.


I highly recommend everyone picks up a copy of this book. It’s a great read, and it offers a little something for everyone. You can buy a copy of Note To Self Here.

I also had the pleasure to meet Connor Franta at the Chicago stop of his book signing. I will also be attending the Note To Self Tour in Milwaukee, which includes visuals from the book created by Connor, and a Q&A and discussion session. You can buy tickets for the tour Here.


An Animal Collective Live Retrospective

Baltimore experimental pop group: Animal Collective has been one of my favorite bands for many years now.  For the hardcore fan, the band’s live show have been just as intriguing as their albums. With the release of their new record: Painting With and tonight’s live performance at the Concord, I’d like to share some of my favorite recorded performance from each of AnCo’s live incarnations over the past decade.


The Collective’s earliest tours are surprisingly well documented. Footage from 2001 shows that band at it’s most primal and abrasive. The band had not begun using the samples that would define future live setups, but instead consisted of Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) on drums, Avey Tare (Dave Portner) on guitars, and Geologist (Brian Wietz) running fx and feedback loops. Performances from this period shift from frightening to hilarious rather quickly.


Very little footage exists of the tour leading up to the release of Here Comes The Indian. From what I can tell performances were in the same vain as previous tours only this time even more tribal and Boredoms-esque. The band’s lineup was completed by the addition of guitar player Deakin (Josh Dibb) during this time. That same year, Animal Collective released a freak-folk album under the name Campfire Songs. This would inform the bands subsequent tour and their 4th album: Sung Tongs. This tour saw the band stripped to the acoustic guitar and floor-tom duo of Avey and Panda. The primal energy remains here, but child like vocalizations and Beach Boy harmonies replaced the abrasive noise.


After Sung Tongs proved to be a critical success, the full 4 man lineup made a return and began touring songs for their 5th release Feels. This lineup continued into 2005 and 2006 where the band would debut material from Strawberry Jam. The material here was their most ambient and poppy to date, with electric guitars and samples beginning to be used as a major part of the live instrumentation.


2007 through 2009 is the most well documented period of Animal Collective’s career. Most likely due to the arrival of smart phones combined with the rising popularity of youtube and live-streamed concerts. Over three years of nearly non-stop touring, the band used the live show to develop the tracks that would eventually form their critical and commercial peak: Merriweather Post Pavilion. My favorite footage of the band comes from this era. The use of samplers meant they were able to perform most of their back-catalog, which was often reworked to fit in with the new material. In my opinion this is Animal Collective working at the height of their creative powers.


Since the release of MPP, the band has tour less frequently. The full lineup returned in 2011 for a set of festival dates, leading up to the release of Chz in 2012. Avey Tare developing strep throat multiple times in 2013 plagued the subsequent tour, however the band still played some of their strongest sets during this time.




Day In The Life Of Chicago’s Very Own Sir The Baptist

If not now, when? 24 hours is all we have in any given day. Time is free and doesn’t cost us a single dime but time is also the most valuable currency we can spend. Mind boggling, isn’t it? How you choose to spend those 24 hours is truly something precious. Do you ever wonder how a music artist spends their 24 hours? Between interviews, photoshoots, studio sessions, performances, legal agreements, and more – the life of an artist is definitely not an easy task.

Photo by Johnny Fan (yours truly)

Chicago’s very own, rapper-singer, Sir The Baptist, shares with us a video showcasing the behind the scenes of what a day in the life of a music artist looks like. Sir The Baptist calls himself the Urban Monk with a unique genre of his own, the Ghetto Gospel sound. A truly vivid yet complex sound captures the cadence of church. (I dropped a bar right there, yay for alliteration.) Sir’s collaboration with music artists include Chance The Rapper on Surf, Twista, and Logic, among others. With features on Jay Z’s TIDALFakeShoreDrive, Apple Store EventChicago TribuneOkayPlayerWGN RadioSway In The Morning and more, Sir The Baptist is definitely making waves Kanye will hear.

Among other news, Sir The Baptist will be the sole performer at the Chicago’s 58th Grammy Viewing Party at Thalia Hall! RSVP is available! Following the announcement of the Grammy Performance, Sir The Baptist’s “Raise Hell” hits #2 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral Top 50!

Without further ado, here is the Day In The Life of Sir The Baptist below!

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JakÜbi – Warm Weather and Summer Vibes

We’ve been lucky that winter hit us late this year, but when the cold decided to hit, it hit us hard. I thought I’d try to let you guys get a taste of summer through giving you some music that reminds me of the warm weather. I first discovered Jakubi around this time last year and was hooked with their fresh vibe and unique flavor. Jakubi is a Melbourne Australia-based band that consists of 2 brothers, 2 cousins, and a friend that came together to make music that’s equally funky and soulful with a hip-hop flare. They haven’t released a lot of music and there are no rumors of them releasing any big projects any time soon, but it seems like their always on tour. Among the music they do have, I have yet to find any song that disappoints.


Check out “Couch Potato”, their latest single


Listen to their latest EP on Soundcloud

Lupe Fiasco and Boy Illinois Kick Off “Tour For The Fans”, New Video “Day Goes” [Video]

boy illinois

Back in November, Boy Illinois killed the stage with his performance, opening for Lupe Fiasco. And now Illinois is following that up by going on tour with Fiasco, hitting the road on Lupe’s “Tour For The Fans.”  The tour kicks off January 13th in Seattle and ends in Indianapolis Feb 14th.

And that’s not all Illinios is bringing in at the top of the year. Check out his latest video for his track Day Goes, from his latest EP Dusable. Directed by Jaymavaz and produced by Jmixx with cool visuals. Kinda cool, Illinois giving a tip of the hat to the OG Bill Cosby.

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Money Come To Me Now – Weasel Sims [Video]

weasel sims

Chi city artist Weasel Sims comes through with hot new visuals for his track, Money Come To Me Now. The track carries features from Gittaa Thomas and Lacy West. Director Alexander King, holds it down on the visuals. MCTMN gives you a look at a hustler on the paper chase. Be sure to stay posted for more heat on the way from Weasel Sims.

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Tae Brown – 4 Chi City Radio’s Featured Artist

tae brown

Poetry is often a place where Hip Hop artists start out in sharpening lyrical skills. Chi City artist Tae Brown found his place in poetry at the young age of 13. He went from competing and winning poetry slams, to finding his place in the world of Hip Hop. Taking his love for both Hip Hop and poetry, Tae Brown goes forward in reaching his dreams in music, and representing his hometown along the way. Continue reading “Tae Brown – 4 Chi City Radio’s Featured Artist”